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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Home Story: Sugar Crystals

Hello lovely followers!

After a little break, we're back with our Home Stories! 
This time, it's not exactly a home story, we're showing you this wonderfully and exceptionally designed Shugaa dessert bar located in Bankok, Thailand. A dessert bar itself is already an appealing sound in every sweet tooths' ear but the design and interior decoration of the bar is just as appealing to your eyes. It embodies all the new interior trends of glass mixed with wood, rose gold elements and the 2016 trend Pantone colours as well as marble tables. The sugar crystal concept was perfectly implemented up the every little detail. Geometric designs in form of lamps, artistic designs on the wall behind the bar, acrylic boxes to underline the theme and as a highlight the crystal spiral staircase- a real eye-catcher! This is a place everyone would love to have their dessert!
We hope you enjoyed the little tour and if you got inspired by this amazing decoration, have a look on our website to get similar items.

Andrea from Laroshe

Friday, April 8, 2016

All Things Blue!

It's all about the new trend colour blue this week and we're showing you how you can implement the new trend. Blue has been out of trend a very long time and now it's finally back among all other pastel colours. It can be implemented in a home very easily, especially if you always kept your home in simple colours like white, grey and black, it is not a big deal to add some colour. 
Have a look at our gallery and enjoy!

Andrea from Laroshe


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blooming Monogram DIY by Lulu's

Today we have something special for our followers! Lulu was so kind to create this beautiful DIY idea, which will brighten up every room, if it's your bedroom, the lounge, your home office or the kids room, it will be an eyecatcher for sure! And on top of that, it's very simple to make yourself. Here are the instructions and material you need. 

-Hot glue gun & glue sticks
-Fake flowers of your choice & color
-Can of white spray paint
-Paper mache letter
-X-Acto Knife
1. Using the X-Acto knife, carefully cut the top of the paper mache letter off. Remove the cardboard filling so the letter is empty.
2. In a well-ventilated area apply 2-3 coats of spray paint to the interior and exterior of the paper mache letter, letting each coat dry approximately one hour.
3. Once the paint is dry, remove the flowers from their stems and cut any remaining stem pieces so the bottom of the flowers are flat.
4. Apply a small glob of glue on the bottom of a flower and  place the flower in the paper mache letter. Press and hold the flower down for 15-20 seconds to let the hot glue cool slightly. Repeat this step until your letter is filled with flowers!
5. If you have empty spaces in your letter, you can fill them using individual petals, smaller flowers, or the leaves on the stems of the flowers. Just place them where you would like and apply small globs of hot glue to hold them in place.
6. Let all of your hot glue dry completely and voila!
This is the perfect spring decoration fo every room and you can use whichever flowers you like. 
Which ones are you gonna use?
Andrea from Laroshe

Monday, March 14, 2016

Faux fur throws & carpets are a must in every home!

The faux fur trend has been going on for a while and now there's really no home where you don't find anything that's made out of faux fur or even real fur, on the luxury side. It makes people feel comfortable and cozy and it has become an absolute essential. White or off white faux fur carpets are very popular as well as grey faux fur throws. You can buy them in every colour to match it to your interior decoration and place them in front of your bed, in the lounge on or next to the sofa, on chairs or just throw them over your bed, really anywhere you want them to be. And if you buy faux fur, you don't even have to feel bad for the animals, it'll be a justified purchase. 
We put together some great examples for you and we hope you're inspired to add some faux fur to your home.

Andrea from Laroshe

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The New Trend Colours of 2016!

Spring is here and the new colour trends are everywhere in the shops now. Spring 2016 brings us joy and a good mood with the new pastel colour trend, not only in fashion, also in interior design decoration. We are especially drawn to the revival of rose and serenity blue. The colours have been out of trend for years and are now back in the game with a different vibe and brand new possibilities of matching with colours
Patone describes their rose colour as the following: 
"The soothing, calming nature of colors in the Spring collections are led by PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz, a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Like a serene sunset, flushed cheek or budding flower, Rose Quartz reminds us to reflect on our surroundings during the busy but lighthearted spring and summer months."
This season rose colour is popular to combine with all shades and textures of grey. The two are a perfect match since they are both neutral colours and it creates a cozy and calming atmosphere. The news trend of rose gold coloured decoration is a perfect match to rose and grey.



Also serenity blue is very well matching with grey. Grey is a very flexible colour and adjusts to most of the colours, just like white. Even blue and pink together match perfectly. Bringing back those colours is a complete game-changer for everyone who got stuck with retro look and ideally to just mix it all up and create yourself a new home.
People say bright colours brighten up their mood.. imagine to wake up in pastel coloured sheets, it will automatically make you start your day on a good tone. Or if it's not the sheets maybe the curtains you'll open when getting out of bed or the fluffy carpet you step on first thing in the morning. There are so many ways to influence a morning with a positive vibe, especially on a Monday morning!

We hope you like our ideas and enjoy redecorating!
Andrea from Laroshe


Monday, February 8, 2016

How important is colour in your home?

Pictures from here

What does colour do to your home, to yourself, who lives in that home, to the vibe in your home and to your guests?
It is very trendy at the moment to just stick to the minimal interior in your home with simple colours just like the Scandinavian style, that everyone loves so much. I personally love the Scandinavian style, too, because I find it interesting to play around with different materials in the same colour to make a difference through details. BUT… Since it’s a new year, we might as well think about a change and dare to some colour.
A little colour in your home will make a huge difference, it seems brighter, more comfortable, friendlier and dictates the vibes and atmosphere. You will benefit from colour yourself, as proven by many studies, colour brightens up people's moods and lets you start the day differently. A home should mirror the person you are, and if you’re a generally positive and happy person, then colour is exactly what you need!
We have a selection of pictures  for you guys to seek some inspiration for colourful decoration. If you don’t know which colours you can mix.. It all depends on taste, as I think. If you like to mix red with pink, that’s fine. But it’s always good to stay in the same colour palette and then add a little highlight in there just like colourful pictures, carpets or patterned curtains.

The Laroshe Team