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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Home Story

A beautiful home on the Island of Panarea, Italy

This beautiful home is located off the Sicilian coast in the Italian island of Panarea (part of the Aeolian Islands). Most of the Aeolian Island has been deserted over many centuries but it has recently become an important tourist destination for wealthy visitors. According to Style Files "the Island is only 3km long and 2km wide and there are only around 280 permanent residents on the island which makes it a very charming island." There are eight islands which make the Aeolian Islands all together and Panarea is the second smallest. 
The property consists of 3 houses and which have been renovated "with respect to local traditions and materials." (Style Files

The house is very simple decorated, with wood furniture, warm colours such as orange, yellow and blue and earthy tones. The interior is held traditional and has an antique style.

The bedroom is kept in an innocent white and a pretty looking net around the bed. 

The most important thing in a home on a beautiful and warm island is the terrace or garden because people spend most of their time outside.
The terrace is perfect for a little siesta. 
There is also enough space to invite friends over for a BBQ or a nice and relaxed summer night with a glass of wine.

We hope you enjoyed!

The Laroshe Team

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