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Monday, September 28, 2015

Our new products are out!

Today we have something special for you guys: Our new products are here!!!
There’s something for everyone, we have new accessories, chairs, lighting and also tables in retro and modern style. Here we prepared a little preview for you guys.

Have a look on our website:

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Home Story: A Chic Home in Hollywood.

Today we present you the the home of the popular Blogger Jenny Bernheim from Margo & Me by mydomaine. She named her blog after her dog Margo and launched it after she worked in the fashion PR industry, according do mydomaine. She explained: "Now more than ever, I get to work with designers on a really personal level, which is the most rewarding part to me." She met the man of her dreams in LA and cancelled her plans to move to NY. 
The fairytale story continues when her partner proposed to her in Paris, which was captured by her favourite wedding photographer Katie Michell.

According to mydomaine they moved into an "Art Deco apartment in a historic West Hollywood building in July of 2013."

Have a look at their beautiful home!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Home Story

Pictures from Pinterest
Our Home Story today is about the blogger from The Kitchy Kitchen and host of Food for Thought Claire Thomas. She lives in the hills above Los Angeles, according to MyDomaine. She and her boyfriend moved into a "midcentury mod home on stilts". 

MyDomaine cites: We saw it on Thursday and put in our bid on Saturday. I was just completely blown away.” She wasn’t quite as blown away, though, as she was when Craig proposed to her on their first night in their new place. “The home was filled with boxes, and we were sweaty and eating Thai food. I’ll never forget it.”

A house is not fully yours if you don't bring your personal touch to it, that's why the couple decided to do some renovations such as opening the kitchen up to the living room and dining room so that the room as a whole looks much bigger.

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The living room is very lively and colourful. Claire said herself “You can’t live here and not love entertaining.” You see many different decorative accessories in different styles.

According to MyDomaine Thomas said "The guest bathroom was, and still is, my favorite room in the house.” The blue golden patterned wallpaper and the colour matching cupboard matched with velvet drapes and three gold chandeliers make the bathroom to a unique place of joy.
The bedroom looks very cosy and the shades of white give it a clean finish. The highlight in this room are the two golden hanging lamps on each bedside.

Also this room is not lacking of colour. The yellow coloured chest drawer lightens up the room and combined with mirrored chest drawer and the mirrors above it looks stylish and unique. Claire said: “My mom bought this Art Deco-looking clock from the ‘80s that came with two accent mirrors. Between those and a tiny Venetian mirror from the flea market, I thought, ‘Let’s just make a wall of mirrored stuff!’"

This highlight in this house is the amazing terrace with an incredible view. It is large enough to have friends over for a BBQ, Cocktails and dinner.


We hope you liked this colourful house!
Keep posted for our next Home Story!

The Laroshe Team

Monday, September 7, 2015

10 Ways To Keep Your Home Minimalist

We all know how it is, we see things, we want them, we buy them. If it’s clothing, decoration, furniture, cosmetics or just things we can use somehow, for something, surely somewhen. We usually only notice that we have way too much stuff when moving and then it’s too late. You’ll need days to organise and throw stuff away you actually don’t need.

This leads us to…

Number 1: Don’t organise, just toss it.

Number 2: No more bargain hunting!

Number 3: Use it or lose it!

Number 4: Keep it clear!

Number 5: Consider what you REALLY NEED

Number 6: Don’t mix too many colours!

Number 7: Keep it simple!

Number 8: Replace rather than increase

Number 9: White makes everything look clean and tidy!

And the last one number 10: Less is more!

We hope this helped to keep your life and home minimalist!

The Laroshe-Team

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A white industrial home in Poland

Home Story

Today we present you a really simple yet wonderfully decorated industrial home in Poland from Fashionandnail.
This white dream of a house is located in Szczecin, Poland, and the Designer Jacek KolasiƄski implemented his love for Scandinavian style and furniture. It is all about minimalism!
He used different types of white, of white and beige with some black accents. The high ceilings, the typical Scandinavian sofa and the bleached pine floors give the house a nice finish. Also to mention is the exposed and white painted brick walls in the cocoon-like master bedroom and the kitchen to complete the scandinavian style. Not to be overlooked is the chimney in the kitchen. Simplicity is the keyword!
The white house has also a really nice courtyard opening off the back of the house with a lot of nice flowers and wooden floor.

Curious to see the pictures? Scroll down!

By Laroshe

Pictures from Pinterest