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Monday, September 7, 2015

10 Ways To Keep Your Home Minimalist

We all know how it is, we see things, we want them, we buy them. If it’s clothing, decoration, furniture, cosmetics or just things we can use somehow, for something, surely somewhen. We usually only notice that we have way too much stuff when moving and then it’s too late. You’ll need days to organise and throw stuff away you actually don’t need.

This leads us to…

Number 1: Don’t organise, just toss it.

Number 2: No more bargain hunting!

Number 3: Use it or lose it!

Number 4: Keep it clear!

Number 5: Consider what you REALLY NEED

Number 6: Don’t mix too many colours!

Number 7: Keep it simple!

Number 8: Replace rather than increase

Number 9: White makes everything look clean and tidy!

And the last one number 10: Less is more!

We hope this helped to keep your life and home minimalist!

The Laroshe-Team

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