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Monday, February 8, 2016

How important is colour in your home?

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What does colour do to your home, to yourself, who lives in that home, to the vibe in your home and to your guests?
It is very trendy at the moment to just stick to the minimal interior in your home with simple colours just like the Scandinavian style, that everyone loves so much. I personally love the Scandinavian style, too, because I find it interesting to play around with different materials in the same colour to make a difference through details. BUT… Since it’s a new year, we might as well think about a change and dare to some colour.
A little colour in your home will make a huge difference, it seems brighter, more comfortable, friendlier and dictates the vibes and atmosphere. You will benefit from colour yourself, as proven by many studies, colour brightens up people's moods and lets you start the day differently. A home should mirror the person you are, and if you’re a generally positive and happy person, then colour is exactly what you need!
We have a selection of pictures  for you guys to seek some inspiration for colourful decoration. If you don’t know which colours you can mix.. It all depends on taste, as I think. If you like to mix red with pink, that’s fine. But it’s always good to stay in the same colour palette and then add a little highlight in there just like colourful pictures, carpets or patterned curtains.

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