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Monday, March 14, 2016

Faux fur throws & carpets are a must in every home!

The faux fur trend has been going on for a while and now there's really no home where you don't find anything that's made out of faux fur or even real fur, on the luxury side. It makes people feel comfortable and cozy and it has become an absolute essential. White or off white faux fur carpets are very popular as well as grey faux fur throws. You can buy them in every colour to match it to your interior decoration and place them in front of your bed, in the lounge on or next to the sofa, on chairs or just throw them over your bed, really anywhere you want them to be. And if you buy faux fur, you don't even have to feel bad for the animals, it'll be a justified purchase. 
We put together some great examples for you and we hope you're inspired to add some faux fur to your home.

Andrea from Laroshe

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